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Healing through mindful movement

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Me: “And that is how Freddy lost his toe.”

You: Thoroughly confused trying to figure out who the flip Freddie is, why he is missing a toe, and which toe on which foot is missing.

If you are new here WELCOME, I'm Jin, in this blog my focus is always on self-care as it pertains to your whole being. That's mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I share things that have worked for me, things that I've heard worked for others and things I've learned or studied as a way to help those who may want or need it.

*This blog usually contains some affiliate links available for you to use at no cost to you. I do receive a small commission when the links are used. The funding goes to support this content. So if you like this blog/ newsletter and you want to see more of it use the links and let me know what you want to see more of.*

Now that we have that out of the way let’s catch up.

How is the year going for you so far?

The last time we had a good talk I was yammering on about why rest is important and how we need to get new chargers and take naps and do all these things all these things. Do y'all remember? If not check it out, it's full of things that make you go

If you followed the above link you might be wondering... So did you slow down? The answer is yes I did and in that, I met a really cool person named Nora.

One day I was #MMBHB (minding my bald-headed business) as I do when I said "I'm going to take this random slow class on a Friday night at 5:30 pm. I really have nothing else to do and I have never been to that class before, I'm exploring new teachers and class types so what the heck... where is my super suit?”

I went over to Yoga Six in Toledo. I was a couple of minutes late and I almost didn't go into the room. As the student I don't really like going into a class once it's started because I feel like it disrupts the class. As the Teacher I’m like come on in and get things healing. This left me feeling a little conflicted. The wellness advisor encouraged me to go in anyway because I was only about 3 minutes late. I listened and I'm glad I did. I didn't really know what to expect besides a slower flow. What I found was while the practice was at a slower pace it still challenged me physically inviting longer holds, bigger inhales and audible exhales.

I was given the invitation to hold poses longer, notice the muscles being used, acknowledge this bead of sweat roll down my nose, and right when I wanted to let the pose go I take one last inhale and exhaled to arrive at my final resting pose reflecting on what I just experienced.

After class, I thanked Nora for a great class and we chatted a little bit. After that I attended the other two classes she teaches to see if I would have a similar experience and sure enough I did. I got this same kind of experience in 3 different styles of class. Nora teaches Slow flow, Sculpt&flow, and Hot. Sculpt and flow was my least favorite class type for a couple of reasons.

  1. Not many instructors teach it so it was only offered during times that didn't really work with my schedule.

  2. This is a very popular class so was often packed.

When I decided to join the sweat tribe at Yoga Six I set a goal for myself. I said I wanted to experience a class with every instructor they had on the rooster, and I wanted to take a class in each of the class types they taught so that I could help connect new students with teachers and classes that would best suit their style.

But because I heard myself say it I had to see accept my own challenge and see it through. When I heard I would have the chance to take this style of class with Nora my body got excited but my mind tried to talk me out of it. Because I know myself I booked the class on Thursday for a "random" Monday night class in December. When I arrived and my mind finally caught up to my body I was standing front row looking at myself in the mirror trying to figure out if I was really about to do this? If I was about to spend the next 60 minutes working muscles I hadn't worked in a while to build strength and endurance. My mind said YUP my body said

There was something different about this class though. It wasn't packed and it was at a time I could take it. After class I thanked Nora again for holding space and I shared that I had a podcast later I asked her to be a guest and the rest is history.

Listen as we talk about Nora’s journey into the life of social work, yoga, and the art of healing trauma through mindful movement.

You can connect with Nora on Instagram: @selfcarecosialworker

Flow with Nora at Yoga Six Toledo on Wednesdays


3330 W Central Ave Toledo, OH

It’s two doors down from the wing stop across the street from Costco… You know where it is?… with Piada and Yama japan… it used to be that AT & T stop playing you know where it's at.

If you read this far down into the blog post and you are sitting there trying to figure out what this has to do with Freddie's toe.... Nothing, I don't even know anyone named Freddie but it kept you reading.

Until next time remember, we are all bald-headed under our hair so keep minding your bald-headed business.


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