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That Bitch M.I.A

What’s up Bald Heads. It’s a perfect day for a random blog post, isn't it?

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We are approaching the anniversary of my most played episode of The Bald Headed Chronicles Just Do The Thing! If you have never heard it.. Here it is.

In honor of that I want to take you back in time so let’s get in the Delorean

Here we arrive at 02/11/20 time 4:57 am

I’m disorganized

I’m disorganized

I’m disorganized

That was the only thought that kept coming to my head as I sat in meditation.

I unplugged to replug. I wanted to just log off... So I did.

I got ghost. I went M.I.A.

I was trying to process a major life event without really speaking about what was happening behind the scenes. I’d just started letting my voice be heard 6 months prior and here I was with the audacity to be hosting my very own radio show.

Not to mention I had been showing up on social media way more than ever before in my entire life. Not many people knew anything about me because I was a ghost. I would pop in like Casper the friendly ghost then pop out and go back to minding my bald-headed business.

I enjoyed having the opportunity for my voice to be heard. I hadn’t had that many times before. I thought for a few months then bought a mic. February 2nd, 2020 was the day I pressed play on the thing and started talking, I hit publish, and just like that, I’d done a thing.

The Writings on the Walls:

I’d been out of the interlude for about 2 years and not many people knew that I had finished it or that I was even stuck in one. I was ready to talk about it but not publicly because I was still processing and in limbo with the label. I was waiting to be released from my contract but I was signed to death row.

I was out here. Out here in the wild confused and I wanted to walk in the forest for a while to hear myself. I wanted to go back to my old ways of disappearing for 3-5 years only coming out when I felt like it. But I’d unintentionally started to build a community. People were looking to me for advice and I was looking back at them like

1st reaction:

2nd reaction:

People were coming out like roaches and I didn't know why. Then it hit me... that thing I had done 6 months prior then again in February.... they secretly listened, read, and lurked in their own time. T