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Figuring out friend: Pt 1 Real Uncomfortable

What's up bald heads? I know what you thinking.... "Jin you left us on read for a month of Monday's now you want to come back in like you ain't been M.I.A"



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Raggedy Rewind: Catching up

To answer your question.... Yes, I did just ignore the tone of that truth you were speaking so loudly in the beginning. The only thing I can say in response is... I was #MMBHB.

The last we spoke I was talking about this air fryer I picked up, Chile. I've been putting anything in that air fryer just trying to see the outcome. Somethings were a hit other things where

We talked about Asteya. Remember what that is? NO? Don't worry you can always reference the previous blog post here is the link

Now let's get down to business

If you have been following me on Instagram you know that I am in the running to be featured in Yoga Journal and be crowned Yoga Warrior 2021. This week our mission is to keep me in the top 5 and get me to first place.

If you haven't been following me on Instagram you are probably like

In Case You missed it

I am in a competition to be featured in a two-page advertorial in one of the largest yoga publications in the world.... Yoga Journal! I will also be crowned Yoga Warrior 2021.

Now I want to start by saying.....if it wasn't for my friend Chelly I would not even be in the competition. This week's blog will shine a light on my yoga pro sis Michelle Dawson.

Chelly and I completed our Yoga teacher training together during the Panorama. We met in a Facebook support group for Black Yoga Teachers in training. I wasn't very active in the group. I would pop in and pop out every not and again. One day I was getting ready to start week 4 for the 4th time. I looked in the mirror and said alright Jin it's time. It's time to drop out of yoga school and become a rapper this is taking too long. My rap name is gonna be J-Turnup or J-Turn since I fixed that turning signal this one time in 2019. Yup that's it I'ma be a rapper. I'd made up my mind. I was sure rapping was the only way for me.

As I logged in to announce my new career move I stopped by to see what the yoga people were doing. I saw little Chelley on the swings going... will someone push me I've been on this swing for about 3 million weeks and I ain't getting nowhere.

Now here I go giggling because she is stuck on the swing stuck and I'm wanting to help her because she was brave enough to ask for help with something that was challenging the both of us. I walked over to the swing and I said I'll help you. I was stuck on the swings before too. In fact, I almost dropped out to become a rapper today. We laughed and I gave her a push as she flew through the air rocking her legs back and forth.

We started meeting on zoom once a week and we would do a weekly text check-in to make sure the other was on task. We decided to slow our roll and take our time to really absorb the information. We set goals for graduation and while life tried to stop us we both graduated.

A few weeks ago Chelly sent me information about the Yoga Warrior Competition. My initial thought was I don't have enough of a yoga story to be considered Yoga Warrior 2021. I immediately tossed that thought in the trash where it belonged as I filled out the applicaion.

This year I've been getting out of my comfort zone and applying for the competition was one of those uncomfortable things I knew I needed to do in order to be who I am- Honorary Dr. Yoga Lady.

Anyway, I applied and forgot until I got an email saying "you are in the running to be featured in Yoga Journal.