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Own your Raggedy

What's up bald heads? You know what day it is

Yup, it's Monday! As you know this blog contains affiliate links that can be used at no extra cost to you however, I do receive a small commission which helps fund this blog. If you enjoy this content and would like to see more of it help a sista out and use the links. Now let's get it poppin.

This week I want to hit on a couple of topics but I'll start with a question. How comfortable are you with yourself? Have you ever spent so much time with yourself that at some point you had to tell your own self to go sit down somewhere? Have you ever spent so much time with yourself that called your parents and just asked them "how long have I been irksome- was I just born irky orrrrrr"

Oh, so it's just me? Alright, man (I know somebody reading this is irritating the hell out of themselves right now but wants to place the blame on someone else for "making them feel the way they feel" news are choosing whatever emotion you allow yourself to feel in the moment. Someone may have contributed to the irritation however you've chosen to remain bothered- I've been there before.)

The people reading this post:


I'm so tickled I can't stop giggling. Let me get to the point before yall start booing me.

This week in class we are revisiting the 3rd Yama Asteya. Asteya is a Sanskrit word that means no stealing. The feeling of not having enough or not being enough causes people to steal in a lot of different ways. Here are some examples

Multitasking: You are cutting your attention into pieces essentially stealing time from yourself and the thing you were supposed to be focused on. I was guilty of this more than 4 times last week. I knew in 1943 that multi-tasking was a lie and a hoe but I forgot was hotdogs tasted like and tried to give it another chance. Needless to say, it wasn't for me.

Credit: How many times have you unintentionally taken credit for someone else's work? In the new age of information that we are living in, it's VERY easy to do this. Example: You have 5 minutes free and you want to entertain yourself with a quick scroll on your favorite social site. You see something you want to share so you share it. Your audience isn't paying attention to where you got it from they just know where they saw it so now they are coming to you for this content WHOLE TIME you are just sharing from pages that helped you but you aren't pointing the folks to where you got it from. How would you feel if that were being done to you?

(Note: There is this thing called Google that will help you avoid this. I would give you the link but... no need. When you are ready for the information you will either google it or reach out. I don't want to overload you with information you aren't ready to process not knowing what you are currently processing so baby steps.)

Truths: When we choose to omit we are telling a lie. It may be small however we are stealing the other person's right to choose their reaction. We've all told half-truths a time or two before. Trying to save face worried about how someone may view you for telling them your secret shame. People are ruthless and you think to yourself "This person can't handle the truth" when really you can't handle your own truth. You don't want to feel the pain of hurting someone you care about with your actions so you just don't say anything and pray they never ask. Until one day they ask and you have to make a choice. A choice to be honest and risk losing it all or a choice to omit to remain safe from the reaction. From experience, the lies have always hurt me more than the truth but we as people believe the lies way faster than we believe the truth because the lies are easier to conceive. (Conceive- form or devise (a plan or idea) in the mind.)

"The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves."- Jinave'

Lastly space: Holding space is a concept that we use in the mental health and wellness field where we are checking into space be it physical or mental and you are allowing someone or something to join you in that "space". As a coach/yoga leader, I have to make sure that whatever I'm carrying isn't so big that I'm making your session about me.

Example: I was leading a 1:1 yoga class back in November. I should have canceled the appointment with my client but I didn't. I was carrying some new things that hadn't been processed and because my client was my friend I thought oh I can make it through this session no problem. My client came to class with so much on them that I had to apologize and for not being prepared to help them work through what they needed my help with. I was too close to this person's situation so I had to remove myself from being this person's yoga instructor and I directed them to someone else who was a better fit to help them. Me removing myself wasn't ideal for my client as we'd built a nice rapport however, they understood. Had I not been honest I could have done more damage than good to them and that is never the goal. We want you to leave better than how we found you.

Before I move on to the next thing I want to ask a question: What are you robbing yourself of?

I robbed myself of happiness for about 4 years until one day I just woke up and said welp this is played out. Time to switch up my path.

A New Path-Weekend SHEnanigans

This weekend I bought a new air fryer and decided to try something my friend @kashmeresiedah shared in one of her Instagram reels. Cauliflower cooked 2 ways. I only cooked it one way but I was

  1. Very excited to use my new air fryer. I left the other one with my old life.

  2. Make my own buffalo cauliflower.

While I was standing in line to purchase my new air fryer the people in front of me asked "is that heavy?" and offered to let me go in front of them. I said no but I appreciate the gesture. Looking back I realize I stole their opportunity to be kind to a stranger. I'll do better next time.

So now you want to know how did the cauliflower it turn out? It was okay, I have to keep practicing I didn't take a picture of it I just ate it and it was pretty good to me. I didn't make it crispy enough so I'll try again later this week.

Here is the link to the brand of air fryer I got if you don't have one already.

I heard that air fried apples slap so I'll have to be the judge of that.

My nail candy press-ons came and I'm IN LOVE. The ones that I'm wearing now are called "In my bag" It was the name, bows, and bling that got me.

Here is the link for that:

I have to stay off of amazon BUUUUUTTTT my yoga book came. Yoga toolbox is MUST HAVE as a practitioner.

Another book great book for your yoga collection is Yoga Best life by Alicia Dugar Stephenson

And that's all I have for you. As we practice contentment and KNOWING that we are enough. I encourage you to own your raggedy ways because those are the things that make you who you are. The world needs more of YOU.

If you miss my voice you can find me over my cousin Dukes house as we try to #figureitout

If you want the link to the show send me a message via email or direct message on instagram.

Until next time we are all bald-headed under our hair so keep minding your bald-headed business.


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