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You Suffering or Naw?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

What's up Bald heads and Baldhead allies. (Allies are you folks with hair who just refuse to accept that you are bald-headed under your hair *insert Jin eye roll shoulder shrug combination*)

Did y'all miss me?


Me knowing you lying because you are reading this post:

I hope everyone is had a good weekend as I welcome you into our new space. As you know this blog contains affiliate links using them helps in funding this blog at no extra charge to you. I do receive a small commission so if you enjoy this blog and you want to keep it going like, comment, share, subscribe, and use those links.

Now that we have gotten that out the way.

This week we are revisiting the root of pain and suffering as it has been a reoccurring theme around me for the past month.

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there are 5 sources of human suffering called the kleshas. These sources are ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversions, and fear

Attachment and fear

I want to speak to attachment and fear in this post. Baldies know I am a storyteller so have a seat and let me tell you a story.


I don't know if you heard but it's been corona pirates running outside for almost a year now. Yo Auntie Jin was not aware because I was dealing with this thing called creator-virus. Have you heard of it? It's awful the symptoms are

  1. Overthinking

  2. Starting 100 projects only to overwhelm yourself.

  3. Finding your balance only to tip over and fall in your next move.

  4. Fear and Depression start singing a little melody to you.

  5. No matter what you do you just can't seem to get creative. You are looking all over for inspiration and trying to figure out where you left it at.

  6. Stiff hips, back pain, constipation, etc.

Now you are sitting there reading this looking like this.

It's tragic. (Let me the 1st to tell you... I don't have cable and I've never seen the show this gif came from which makes it funnier to me because I have no idea what the original context of its. If I'm being honest I hardly watch tv at all. I don't allow myself that luxury very often and by the time I do the show that everyone is watching is long over with. The last thing I watched was a short movie called Canvas on Netflix. I guess I'm going to have to check out First Wives Club on BET. Nana might know something about it.)

Let's get back to talking about creator-virus. Now that you know it's a thing let put some visuals to it. You think back over the past 5 weeks and here you are week 6 laying on the couch looking like this thinking about life. Exhausted because you've overthought so much you've created characters, storylines, plots, plot twists, cliff hangers, traveled to the past to pick up your bike, the bike STILL didn't want to get in the car after calling you asking you to come to pick it up at this point you are over it.

Now you are just looking to rest and recharge. You aren't answering calls, you aren't responding to messages. You have your do not disturb features on because... the ghetto. You want to put your energy in the direction of your new projects but your little sister keeps coming to your room looking like this.

"Now you are like GIRL didn't I tell you to just do the things?" She's like I know I know I just need your help.


This is where we get into attachment and fear. If you have been wanting to do a thing and you have still been letting fear hold you back you are causing suffering within yourself. You have the answers you just don't trust yourself. You don't want to spend the time with yourself. You don't want to listen to your inner voice because you have given yourself horrible advice in the past. Now you are scared to trust yourself. This could just be me speaking from experience because I've been there. Afraid to listen to me because of the things I'd allowed for myself in the past.

Here are some tips to let the fear go:

Look it in its eyes and give it a wink. It's going to make it smile and wink back. Once it winks back it's no longer trying to scare you anymore. Fear is just as scared of you as you are of it.

Last week I told you about this book called Interview with the Devil- The secret to success and freedom". If you haven't started it or haven't finished it go back to the blog post "That Bitch M.I.A" to find it. This book shows you just how scared fear is of you and it offers ways to beat it.

My friend Jovi told me to "Kiss fear on the forehead" which made me smile at the thought because I know behind every one of our fears lives an underdeveloped idea that's never been nurtured into truth. Yes the world can be a scary place and you do have to be careful but we can't keep living in fear even if there are Corona-Pirates running around.

The fact of the matter is. The virus isn't going away. We are all in this state of grieving the way things used to be.

Get out of the past because we have been living in a pepperoni, polaroid, pandemic for almost a year now. Nothing will ever be the same. WE have to adjust to the new normal. Once we start becoming more aware of our bodies in space and time we become more aware of the things around us. All you need to do sometimes is lookup. Put your phone down, get off the couch, go for a walk, just go stand outside for about 10 minutes for no reason at all.

I did this yesterday. I wanted no parts of it. I didn't want to be a part of going outside peopling however I needed to people without peopling. I went to the grocery store and I took a stroll. I saw the cutest things. I almost bought another plant but I just got a new baby last week so I said no. As I've continued on my journey to push past fear and kick it with anxiety I've been giving it a wink, taking a deep breath, and doing the things that scare me. Imagine my surprise when I was minding my bald-headed business and saw this.

I knew it was meant for me when I read the name of the company that made it. "Our name is Mud". Imagine the tickle I got from this one. Now if this your 1st time reading this you don't know I'm from Toledo, Ohio the glass city where a lot of the hometown heroes/sheroes proclaim that they made it out of the mud especially if their name is mud in the city. Everyone had a time where their name has been mud if you haven't then you haven't lived enough life yet. If there was a point to that part of this blog I hope you caught it, I just wanted to tell yall about my new mug. ;).

Anyway back to the point. In order for me to let go of the attachment to the way things used to be I had to open my mind and my heart to new things. Continuing to do the same old things only caused cycles to be repeated. You can't be scared of the future while Delarens are just flying over my head. You get in one and GO.

We allow fear to cripple us so badly that we stop ourselves before we get started. I had no intention of sending a blog post out this week. I'd planned to take a week off. My mind said to my body... now sis now you know you like writing those posts just speak to attachment and fear and let's move one, you already started this post 2 weeks ago you might as well finish it and release it today because someone is waiting for it.

To that, I say if you are holding yourself back from doing the things you know you are supposed to be doing I ask that you release them because there is probably one person that needs it more than you do.


I had to have a seat with my inner child. Rosalee started as a five-year-old child with sassy pants and a timid heart. Afraid to let the world in because she didn't want to get hurt. She's since grown into a 20 something giant sunflower who is now assistant teaching at Hillman College. She comes home on the weekends to visit her mom and plant siblings. She smiles all the time, she dances anywhere, she takes care of herself and she trusts me when I tell her I got her. It took a while for our bond to start to gel again but we are our most creative when we get in the zone for a little while.

Keeping in mind getting in the zone is good you just don't want to get stuck there. Once you get stuck in the zone you might not ever come out. Allow yourself to expand. Stretch out and explore. You've done it so many times before how about we take baby steps and start doing it again.

Once Rose broke the shell she saw no point in trying to go back in. She'd grown too big for it and she needed to flap the wings that she didn't rush.

As we start to navigate our new normals I encourage us to all take it easy like Sunday morning.

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Until next time y'all we are all bald-headed under our hair so keep minding your bald-headed business.


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