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You Suffering or Naw?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

What's up Bald heads and Baldhead allies. (Allies are you folks with hair who just refuse to accept that you are bald-headed under your hair *insert Jin eye roll shoulder shrug combination*)

Did y'all miss me?


Me knowing you lying because you are reading this post:

I hope everyone is had a good weekend as I welcome you into our new space. As you know this blog contains affiliate links using them helps in funding this blog at no extra charge to you. I do receive a small commission so if you enjoy this blog and you want to keep it going like, comment, share, subscribe, and use those links.

Now that we have gotten that out the way.

This week we are revisiting the root of pain and suffering as it has been a reoccurring theme around me for the past month.

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there are 5 sources of human suffering called the kleshas. These sources are ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversions, and fear

Attachment and fear

I want to speak to attachment and fear in this post. Baldies know I am a storyteller so have a seat and let me tell you a story.


I don't know if you heard but it's been corona pirates running outside for almost a year now. Yo Auntie Jin was not aware because I was dealing with this thing called creator-virus. Have you heard of it? It's awful the symptoms are

  1. Overthinking

  2. Starting 100 projects only to overwhelm yourself.

  3. Finding your balance only to tip over and fall in your next move.

  4. Fear and Depression start singing a little melody to you.

  5. No matter what you do you just can't seem to get creative. You are looking all over for inspiration and trying to figure out where you left it at.

  6. Stiff hips, back pain, constipation, etc.

Now you are sitting there reading this looking like this.

It's tragic. (Let me the 1st to tell you... I don't have cable and I've never seen the show this gif came from which makes it funnier to me because I have no idea what the original context of its. If I'm being honest I hardly watch tv at all. I don't allow myself that luxury very often and by the time I do the show that everyone is watching is long over with. The last thing I watched was a short movie called Canvas on Netflix. I guess I'm going to have to check out First Wives Club on BET. Nana might know something about it.)

Let's get back to talking about creator-virus. Now that you know it's a thing let put some visuals to it. You think back over the past 5 weeks and here you are week 6 laying on the couch looking like this thinking about life. Exhausted because you've overthought so much you've created characters, storylines, plots, plot twists, cliff hangers, traveled to the past to pick up your bike, the bike STILL didn't want to get in the car after calling you asking you to come to pick it up at this point you are over it.

Now you are just looking to rest and recharge. You aren't answering calls, you aren't responding to messages. You have your do not disturb features on because... the ghetto. You want to put your energy in the direction of your new projects but your little sister keeps coming to your room looking like this.

"Now you are like GIRL didn't I tell you to just do the things?" She's like I know I know I just need your help.


This is where we get into attachment and fear. If you have been wanting to do a thing and you have still been letting fear hold you back you are causing suffering within yourself. You have the answers you just don't trust yourself. You don't want to spend the time with yourself. You don't want to listen to your inner voice because you have given yourself horrible advice in the past. Now you are scared to trust yourself. This could just be me speaking from experience because I've been there. Afraid to listen to me because of the things I'd allowed for myself in the past.