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Usher in the silk lavender

Sunday preparing for a long week I was #MMBHB (Minding my bald-headed business) when I took a quick scroll along the enters of net. As soon as I logged on I saw something that made me go.

It was at that moment that I was experiencing a moment of pure unexpected joy from all of the layers of that post.

If you are new here WELCOME, I'm Jin I am a certified Yoga Instructor and Mental Health Professional. In this blog my focus is always on self-care as it pertains to your whole being. That's mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I share things that have worked for me, things that others have shared with me that have worked for them, and things I've learned or studied as a way to help those who may want or need it.

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If you skipped over the video that made my week here is a back story, I love interludes

and the video made me think about an interlude.

According to Webster's dictionary, an interlude is a musical composition inserted between the parts of a longer composition, a drama, or religious service. A break that brings things together.

After watching the video I sat at the edge of my bed to give my brain a break. I allowed my thoughts to wander. I followed a string of thoughts that went like this "What if ushers wore silk lavender suits with lavender skates and when they skated past you (hold for dramatic pause) the smell of lavender essential oil filled the air and calmed the room. What are they ushering? Where did they get those suits from? Are they spraying the essential oils or is it their suits? Did the skates come with the suits? Was this a Zen Den with Jin Event? Speaking of which you can get into the Zen Den with Jin by following this link. Do you think they gone click the link?

Snapping back to reality I pulled out my journal and started writing about how good it felt to give my brain a break. Acknowledging all thoughts as they popped and not labeling them good or bad just seeing what showed up. Honestly, the whole experience made my brain feel like it received a hug and my body received the benefits.

When was the last time you did something that made you feel that way? In my last few posts, I've been talking about the importance of slowing down to restore. In ending the cycle of working to burn out I had to start prioritizing the things that hugged my brain.

This requires consistent self-study as things change from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. What you need today may not be what you need 3 days from now and so on. Can you be honest with yourself about what you need even if it's unconventional?

There is a podcast that I listen to called Figuring it out With Dukes. This podcast is so relatable. Dukes talks about things that come up daily as we all figure out how to navigate them. I bring this up because she did an episode called "Figuring out my attitude... Just one of them days". I love the comical way she lives her truth as she uses her stories to figure out the questions that we might be thinking about or maybe never thought to think about it. Check out an episode here


Truthfulness is one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Truthfulness is more than telling the truth. Truthfulness is about living in a way that allows you the space to be your full self. When we can be truthful with ourselves and direct our actions and behaviors towards things that are more aligned with our personal goals and values we are more willing to focus on doing those things.

If you are a person who journals, write out a list of things that made you smile, gasp, and squeal for 5 days. Consider these moments the interludes. Notice how they make you feel as they connect one part of your day or experience to another. Ask yourself how I remember to be present for more of these moments?


Share your experience with someone. What I've learned is sharing what makes me feel helps others discover what makes them feel. Here is one of my experiences.

By now you may have noticed that yoga is one of the things. A couple of weeks ago I was tired of my regular routine and wanted to try something different. I've been exploring practice in new spaces so I tried out this studio called The Trap Yoga and Massage Studio located in Detroit Mi. It had been a year since I practiced in a studio that was new to me so I was a little anxious and excited. The class I attended was soulful trap n' flow....

This space made me feel like I was right at home. The description said the class focused on longer holds to a soulful trap sound. I'm learning that I love the diversity in the music that instructors play in their classes. The music in this class was not edited which was a question I had going into the class. It didn't bother me though. It actually added to the experience. Was there twerking? I mean it wasn't cued but it also wasn't discouraged.

On the way home I drove in silence as I digested my experience. I felt so happy and proud to have had that experience. I don't personally know my instructor but I felt so honored to attend her class. Her love for her craft showed in her teaching.

I would definitely recommend trying a class at The Trap Yoga and Massage Studio, even if you aren't into yoga you might be when you leave. Here is the website to book a class. This is a bring your own props studio so any blocks, straps, or knee pads that you may need make sure you bring them. If you can't take the class in person they also offer live virtual classes. This is could be a good option if you aren't ready to start practicing in person or you aren't able to get into the physical studio.

This brings me back to the beginning of this blog post. I loved the video I saw this week because in it I saw someone that I enjoyed and admire minding their "bald-headed business" wearing one of my favorite colors, looking like what I imagine the scent of lavender looks like as it floats around me calming energy and relaxing nervous systems as it gave our brains a hug.


Throughout our experience, we have been taught to label our feelings as good or bad and not how to feel the feelings without the judgment attached to the labels. This causes dis-ease in the harmony of our being. If we could learn to be truthful with ourselves about our experiences life might be more harmonious.

What could happen if you decided to use one or two of the PTO or sick days that you have stocked up (knowing that you will lose if you don't use them) to spend time doing the things that made you feel like your brain just received a hug?

What would you do? How would you share the experience? Who would you share it with?

Go experience something that makes you happy. If you fear that someone will think it's dumb, silly, or weird SO WHAT...if it feels good to you and you aren't hurting yourself or anyone else in the process DO THAT SHIT.

Alright now as you leave don't forget to speak to the wellness advisor at the front desk (the button below) to get registered for your next class in the Zen Den with Jin. Until next time give yourself permission to enjoy an interlude.


Photo title: Jin and the Dasiy Dukes

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