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Under the Influence

What’s up Bald Heads-

How y’all feeling? I hope the answer is

If you are new here WELCOME, I'm Jin, in this blog my focus is always on self-care as it pertains to your whole being. That's mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I share things that have worked for me, things that I've heard worked for others, and things I've learned or studied as a way to help those who may want or need it.

*This blog usually contains some affiliate links available for you to use at no cost to you. I do receive a small commission when the links are used. The funding goes to support this content. So if you like this blog/ newsletter and you want to see more of it use the links and let me know what you want to see more of.*

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to talk about influence. Influence means the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

An Influencer is a person who you trust that influences your opinion on something. If you have followed my journey for a while you may know that I do not like to be referred to as an influencer. Any time I’ve ever heard anyone mention my name followed by the term “Influencer” my reaction was always

Followed by

I’ve shared before in previous blog posts and interviews that I was/ am a person that enjoys solitude but my problem is I get super comfy in my solitude and then here comes Tamas ( a state of darkness, inertia, inactivity, and materiality) and Rajas ( a state of energy, action, change, and movement) looking for Sattva ( a state of harmony, balance, joy, and intelligence)

These three things are called the Gunas. All three gunas are always present within our beings and all objects surrounding us.

Humans have the ability to alter the levels of gunas in our bodies and minds. I’m going to try to break it down a little more-

I like to think of the gunas as people. Spending too much time with Tamas can bring on feelings of laziness, disgust, depression, helplessness, doubt, guilt, shame, boredom, addiction, hurt, sadness, apathy, confusion, grief, attachment, dependency, and ignorance. Tamas reminds me of Eeyore.

Tigger reminds me of Rajas as he comes through with a blast of energy encouraging Eeyore to change the way he’s looking at things and have a little fun.

While Rajas or Tigger brings feelings of euphoria, and courage, too much Tigger can bring feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, irritation, worry, restlessness, stress, rumination, and chaos.

This is where Sattva or Pooh comes in to balance everything out. Sattva is the guna that yogis achieve as it reduces rajas and tamas thus makes liberation possible. Sattva or Pooh comes bringing delight, happiness, peace, wellness, freedom, love, compassion, equanimity, empathy, friendliness, focus, self-control (well kinda- he has a honey problem but that’s not my business), satisfaction, trust, fulfillment, calmness, bliss, cheerfulness, gratitude, fearlessness, selflessness.

If you ordered your copy of my book The Bald Headed Chronicles you may recall me saying something about being under the influence of pain for more than half of my life. Yoga, meditation, coaching, and therapy helped me navigate those feelings to maintain balance.

Pain, fear, anxiety, negativity from others used to drive me until I accepted that I was acting out of trauma responses and decided “This is no longer acceptable. Things happen daily that could activate a memory, thus trying to fire off a response. I am no longer allowing myself to be considered the poster person for triumph over trauma”

My coach and I set a goal to have a finished project by the end of our 8 weeks. On the list was

  1. Publish a book.

  2. Finish yoga school.

I completed step 1 which was to publish the book, followed by step 2. I used The Bald Headed Chronicles book as a part of my existing essay. Completing those steps allowed me the opportunity to transmit that pain and use it for good. As much as I allowed it to hurt while I was going through it, I've felt so much lighter since I released those feelings to let others know you are never alone.

The Book

“I was supposed to burn that book not publish it” is a thought I’ve had often as I read my work and cringe. This book was a personal and vulnerable body of work to me, created to prove to myself I could do something that seemed very challenging at the time. I wouldn’t consider it my best work ever however, it is some of the best work I’ve released while actively practicing transmuting.

Transmute verb

  1. change in form, nature, or substance. "the raw material of his experience was transmuted into stories"

Using the power of vulnerability to heal was a new concept for me that I’d only started fully using in 2016. It’s been an extremely uncomfortable and sometimes exhausting process but I’m here now so I just roll with it.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned to keep what I like and leave what I don’t. Learning how to use my breath, practice patience, and slow down not only helped me but it helped a lot of other people too. The feedback that I’ve gotten thanking me for sharing and the stories of how much my stories helped others heal has been enough to call my work a HUGE personal success. Starting out my goal in writing the book was to help just one person…me. In doing that I’ve helped over 50 people that I know of to date and who know how many other people that I‘ll never know about.

This is what I call making an impact.

If you have read the book first let me say thank you. Full transparency- when I said “I might even read this book” it was NO CAP! I didn’t read the book until weeks after its release. I had no real intention of reading it either. I’d lived it, was working on it, reworking on it, and wanted to move on to the next step. One day my coach called me asking if I’d read my book. She wanted to talk about it and congratulate me on what we call “doing a thing“

I was looking like

I told y’all before I release and move on to the next thing so knowing that, here comes my coach doing her job. Shout out to her for asking me to come back and be in the moment of the completion of some things that were kind of big deals in very short periods of time.

If are reading this and you have no idea what I’m talking about but now you want to know you can order your copy of The Bald Headed Chronicles 1 of 2 ways,

  1. If you don’t want to wait because you after reading this, you NEED to know what I’m talking about here is the link to order it from Amazon

  2. Order it from me directly and receive a signed copy with my answer to one of the questions inside.

I will only be selling 75 more copies of this version so order your copy because once we hit the mark this version will no longer be available. My suggestion is to opt for option 2. Contact me directly for more information.

Now that we’ve had our off-the-mat yoga lesson I want you to think about you what you have read.

Now answer my next question to yourself. What have you been under the influence of?

While you think about it I’ll be picking up zucchini to try my hand at zucchini bread. I found a market that has locally grown zucchini for .5 cents! Chile Five CENTS!!!! My excitement about this is so genuine because I remember a time when I would side-eye someone for this very thing.

More to come on the zucchini bread chronicles just don’t ask me when I’m going to tell you about it or I never tell you about it.

Until next time y’all remember, we are all bald-headed under our hair so keep minding your bald-headed business.


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