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Practice, Patience, and Peace

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

It's officially summer and all I've been hearing people say myself included is WE OUTSIDE!

WE OUTSIDE could mean a long list of things but I'm going to focus on 3.

  1. You out here in these streets (whatever that means for you).

  2. You are sitting on the porch minding your business, waving as people ride past, tapping your foot to the music, and sipping your wild cherry Pepsi.

  3. You have gone to the park so much you just decided to make it your home.

Which one y'all doing?


I know it's been a while since your heard from your favorite street yogi. My bad fam I switched shifts.

The person reading this


You are also trying to figure out what a street yogi is...

According to my fellow street yogis- A street yogi is a person from the hood on the path to total enlightenment but they not there yet. Pray for them because it's levels to this.


If you don't know how you got on the blog or what it's even about... WELCOME, I'm Jin, in this blog my focus is always on self-care as it pertains to your whole being. That's mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I share things that have worked for me, things that I've heard about, and things I've learned or studied as a way to help those who may want or need it.

*This blog usually contains some affiliate links available for you to use at no cost to you. I do receive a small commission when the links are used and the funding goes to support this content. So if you like this blog/ newsletter and you want to see more of it use the links and let me know what you want to see more of.*

Now that we have broken the glacier let's catch up.

When we last spoke I was talking about how DJ Chelly D encouraged me to join the yoga warrior competition. This was a chance to be featured in Yoga Journal which is one of the biggest yoga publications in the world. I didn't win but I did place 6th in my class of over 1000 people. Thank yall for keeping me in the top ten throughout the competition.

If you don't know what I'm talking about here follow this link to get the dets.

Welcome back! This month my themes were practice, patience, and peace

If you have been following the journey for a while you may remember how I used to feel about the word practice.


Until one day during yoga practice of all things I realized that for years now I had been practicing for that exact moment right then and there, I just hadn't been calling it practice. I was calling it living or doing the things.

Moments like that remind me to practice Santosha or contentment. Santosha comes from a place of pure being. Contentment comes from a realization of wholeness. To practice contentment, one has to practice mindful awareness of Self, the nature of the Self, and then pour on a whole 15 pounds of compassionate self-forgiveness of judgments made on the Self and others.

To say it plan you gotta let a lot shit go, be kind to yourself and others. Raise your emotional intelligence by spending more time feeling and getting to know what your emotions are. Take some time and let it RAIN

Recognize what the feeling is.

Allow yourself to feel it in real-time applying logic.

Investigate where the emotion is coming from.

Nurture yourself until you feel whole.

Flowers won't grow as big and beautiful as they can if it never rains where they are. So allow the rain to wash away all that no longer serves you and be at peace with the release. You will feel lighter.

Now that we've had our yoga lesson can we talk about a couple of things that I have been trying?!

I Tried It

First up is the Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Chick'n tenders.

If you didn't know. I'm not vegan...I'm vegan Adjacent. Meaning I have vegan tendencies but I'm not all the way there yet. Just like Yoga, it's levels to it. I'm not there yet. I've been vegan-ish / vegetarian-ish for about 4-5 years now since being diagnosed with some health issues that made me want to take my relationship with the types of foods I was eating a little more seriously. I gave up all the other meats no problem but chicken, cheese, and eggs have been my weak points. I love chicken, omelets, and I love cheese... to say it plain IT BE GOOD - but that doesn't mean it's good for me. In honoring myself I had to get real and find some alternatives for the times when I just wanted a chicken tender, sandwich, wing, or nugget, etc.

I went to my local Kroger and found these items

Gradein Ultimate Plant-Based Chick'n Tenders

Waffle Fries

Chick-fil-a sauce. *Chick-fil-a sauce does contain milk and eggs, they do have the other sauces at the store that don't contain milk or eggs I just wanted this one.*

I waited until Sunday to make this meal so that I could practice contentment knowing that somewhere someone was enjoying their Sunday eating their chick-fil-a-inspired meal. It was me I was somebody muahahhahahahaha.

Baldheaded review on the tenders. I am funny with textures and taste. Some meat alternatives are just not IT in the slightest but this one right here is a definite recommendation. Have purchased it again, will be keeping in the freezer. If you don't have a Kroger in your area check out Target, Wholefoods, or Fresh Thyme Market.

Next up is The Better Egg Mix from Rooted N Green.

Rooted N Green is your plant-based powerhouse! They believe making better food choices, utilizing natural resources, and reducing plastic use & production will have a direct & powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities, and their environment. This is why they promote a sustainable service; using only compostable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials.

“Rooted N Green was birthed in the idea that I’ve been on the other side, and I want to be the bridge that connects people with the knowledge they’ve been missing," says its founder Erica. Her goal is to inspire people to live more healthily consciously and move away from things that harm our bodies, and our environment.

The better egg mix is a vegan egg alternative made from chickpea flour, black salt, and other spices. If you follow the instablog you may have seen me talking about this product in my story. I was a little nervous because again I'm a texture and taste person. I gave it a try and well..... I have made this product about 4 times now so I think we like it.

A couple of things to note:

1.When you make this product you need to make sure you have a really good non-stick pan or else you will be disappointed.

2. When you pour the cold water into the egg mix it activates the black salt which emits an odor. I thought someone passed gas but I was the only one