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Less Ketchup

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Thank you so much for waiting for patiently 0for me to arrive. I know it took me 6 months to get back to you but this is what had happened I got caught in traffic, then I started looking for my chap stick, started feeling kinda car sick, and acknowledged a Ford Maverick.

If you are new here WELCOME, I'm Jin. I am a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Yoga, and Meditation Instructor. In this blog, my focus is always on self-care as it pertains to your whole being. That's mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I share things that have worked for me, things people in my community have shared that have worked for them, and things I've learned or studied as a way to help those who may want or need the information. Now that we have that out of the way.... let's get down to bald headed business.

If you aren't really a reader click here

It's been 6 months since I sat down for bloggery for several reasons. One being, I simply didn't feel like putting energy into putting together something only for it to be ridiculed and harshly criticized by internet trolls who will deny trollary because let's face it... it's so easy to talk shit about someone else if it makes you feel better about your real life, the one offline.

Chile I know! Which is why I decided to stop talking to y'all for a while and give more of my time an attention to myself and the more impactful things that have been happening in my life offline since my online and offline life are the same. So while we wait for our food to come out let's catch up a little bit.

I'll try to make it quick cause.... HR. In September I took a job as a Crisis Therapist. It is important to state that this is currently my job role in my career field of mental health. In this role I am expected to counsel and calm those who are in a state of crisis. This could range from talking to someone who is actively suicidal, homicidal, experiencing housing instability, financial hardships, relationship issues, and the list goes on. Every crisis comes with its own set of challenges and I have to be ready for whatever.

Things started off fine and dandy until about week 6 when I had to have an uncomfortable conversation with my director about my boundaries as they pertained to work. It came at no surprise that my job was looking at the things that I shared online and pulling me into the office to have "subtle" conversations about it.

Me and this job were trying to build a healthy working relationship I decided to chill for awhile with sharing anything until me and this company figured out what we were going to do with one another. I'll restate that in this role I am expected to counsel those who are in a state of crisis. This could range from talking to someone who is actively suicidal, homicidal, experiencing housing instability, financial hardships, relationship issues, and the list goes on. Every crisis comes with its own set of challenges and I have to be ready for whatever. To keep it all the way trill, I was not ready to lose this contract so I sat my ass down somewhere.

Sat my entire ass DOWN to see how we could grow together. In that time I sat with what I was doing in this field and why I took this position to begin with. My director started seeing me pour a lot into the job and asked what I was doing to pour back into myself.


I was hesitant to tell her but here is a little recap of the things I've done for myself outside of my current role as a Crisis Therapist. In November I got another pathos plant, December was mid, I took some arial yoga classes. It was really fun. In January I took a random trip to Chicago which was cute, in February I had no time for sex or champagne because I was too busy eating little specialty doughnuts. As I reflect I'm disappointed that I didn't make time to have sex, champagne and little donuts, it was offered but I had to declined because that wasn't nothing but God testing my discipline, the little doughnuts were enough. In March I completed my 300 hour yoga teacher training which made me a 500 hour trained yoga teacher. In April I publish a course on Insight timer on recovering from trauma in digital spaces. I celebrated by buying myself 3 balloons that I've been allowing to float around my apartment as a reminder of the things that I've accomplished this "school" year. This was an idea that Toni Jones shared on her Instagram page.

I started showing up more in the community and I received direct and indirect feed back about what people thought about me and the things that I was sharing. Some was helpful some was full of skeptic criticism which invited me to not take anything personally. Consciousness is transformed towards integration as distractions dwindle, and focus arises. In other words, consciousness is transformed focus as continuity develops between arising and subsiding perceptions.

To say it plan... What you think of me is not my business. My business it to help the communities I serve in, live more meaningful, rich, and fulling lives. This is why I decided to create the course on Insight timer. I've been a public (private) figure for the past 3 years and It still perplexes me because I'm pretty boring and I have no idea why people follow me outside of just wanting to have someone to talk about that isn't themself. I keep trying to get out of it but, I guess when you shining you can't hide your light no matter how much you try to keep it dem. If you are interested in exploring the course follow the link below.

If you are someone that complains about never having support or having the things you need provided to you but, you never click the links in your random emails you receive...This may be why remain stuck and feel like you can't get ahead.

Well, It looks like my food is coming. It was good chitting and chatting with you. Until next time... take it easy.

Ps: Shout out to my bald head friends that help me take off my coat of seasonal depression.

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Toledo, Ohio 43604

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