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From Beginner to Beyonce- An Action Study

What’s up Bald Heads it's Monday and I think I’ve been pretty consistent with bothering you on #Mentalhealth Mondays wouldn't you agree? Remember this blog contains affiliate links. Using them helps to fund this content at no extra cost to you. I do receive a small commission whenever you purchase using the links provided so if you enjoy this content help a sista out.

Let's get into it. By now you have purchased your copy of The Bald Headed Chronicles the book to support your homie. You've flipped through it and you got to a point where you were left looking like this.

Then you called your friends and started a bald-headed investigation trying to #figureitout

The people:

Then someone from your newly formed book club decided to be Katniss Everdeen and volunteered as tribute to come knocking on my door, sliding in my dm's, calling my phone to ask...


If you have been following my journey you know what I've been on the road to become by now and there is no need in repeating myself. IFYKYK.

I had a couple of loyal fans ask me about the Beginner to Beyonce series. They came to me talking out the side of their necks talking all kinds of reckless about how inconsistent I seem to be about it. Now from the outside looking in one would assume the series was just me practicing consistency in order to teach myself how to dance. The truth is that is not what it was about at all... I've never needed help with the art of minding my business (I have a Ph.D. of Science in Minding My Bald-Headed Business from Creating Your Own Highway University) consistency was never a problem for me, but procrastination was. I got help with that from my friends over at just start small. What started as a fun "learn how to dance" series turned into market research for my wellness program. The series was really about owning the inner peace that my friend yonce has while remaining unbothered by you heathens and your talks and assumptions on the states of her affairs. I attempted an action study where I allowed myself to be a part of the study.



As you may know by now I am a businesswoman who knows how to work hard and get stuff done with nothing but a shoestring, a penny with a hole in it, a gum wrapper, and a safety pin. While I studied DATA and compared things I attempted some market research. I knew I want to serve in the communities of BIPOC however I didn't have the diversity and inclusion vocabulary need to verbalize said information. Simply put... I didn't know what language the whipeple was using to make it sound smart. I was walking around saying I wanna help heal the black folks, they need counseling, we all need someone to talk to so that we can heal from the things that hurt us. I made some friends, learned how to speak the language, and learned how to use my beginner to Beyonce series to get a better understanding of exactly what my community needed help with. This can also be referred to as target marketing research.

Now let me be clear in saying I am an empathic healer and I have a genuinely kind heart. I let a lot of stuff go because I know people are really just ignorant. I mean no disrespect when I say that because there is always going to be an area of study in which you really don't know about the topic and you have to be educated in a way that challenges your thought patterns.

When you are starting a new business you want to find your target audience. Who is this content for? What age groups? Where is the gap? How can we build a BRIDGE? What is the goal? What is the projected outcome? What is your plan of action? How do you plan to execute? What is your timeline? Again I'm told is called direct target marketing. In my world, this was called setting SMART goals and making DATA work. Can you see where the lines got blurred?


There is target marketing and then there is direct target marketing. I tried them both and let me be the first person to tell you I do not like direct target marketing. I don't like direct target marking. Why do you ask? Because with direct target marketing they tell you to answer questions like "where does your client, hang out? What is their mother's middle name? Who was the first person they made googley eyes with? Is their gas tank on the left side of their car or the right side? What is their Great Grandmother's father's, uncle's name on the maternal side of the family?"

Bitch if that doesn't sound like stalking 101.

Coming from someone who has had their safety challenged in real life it makes me CRINGE and then I have to use tapping techniques to calm my anxiety steaming from an impact that a traumatic experience has on my life. Chile...