No. While I have formal training in Mental Health Counseling, I learned that a license was not needed in the field of wellness coaching. However, I am a certified yoga instructor who incorporates yoga into my wellness coaching. I have also trained with very powerful and influential coaches in the field to build on my foundation and provide my clients with exceptional care. 

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How does yoga support your mental health coaching?
Yoga is more than just poses and breathing. Yoga helps to connect your mind, body, and spirit to bring you back to your true and full self. I use yoga and breathing to help my clients become more aware of their emotions allowing them to process their feelings in real-time versus stuffing them down causing delayed reactions.


What does "mind your bald-headed business mean?"
Mind your bald-headed business was once an insult tossed at me by my younger brother when I was 10 and had a full head of hair. I laughed because well, he wasn't wrong. At that moment I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing- I was minding his business. This turned into a life motto with the centering thought "When I mind my bald-headed business and the business that pays me things get done and we all grow." 

I help my clients find their focus, get grounded, stay centered, and unapologetically mind their bald-headed business(es).

"You can't be the star in everyone's movie but you can be the star in your own. All you have to do is keep 
minding your bald-headed business"-Coach Jin

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So what do you do?

I build wellness plans for my clients to help them heal through trauma or past experiences they just can't seem to get past. There is no one size fits all prescription so I curate wellness packages for my individual clients as I assist them in their wellness journey. Teaching them how to push past fear and kick it with anxiety while minding their bald-headed business.