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Jinave' Turner Counselor MS, LLPC

Life can be stressful especially when it starts to throw you curveballs like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or self-esteem issues. The thing that we as humans often forget is, we don’t have to do hard things alone.  I strive to  bridge the gaps in communication between generations surrounding mental health and self care practices. There is no one size fits all approach to therapy and there doesn’t have to be. I am not here to “fix” you, because  you aren’t broken. I am here to help you uncover and embrace the parts of yourself that you may forget to honor. The versions of yourself that carried you through the pain while recovering from the end of a relationship, financial instability, or the loss of a loved one.


Together we will come up with solutions to safely work through those temporary moments that once felt permanent. I believe that therapy is more than sitting and talking with hopes that someone will fix you, again you are not broken. Therapy can feel like sharing your thoughts and feelings with a friend whose sole purpose is to help you win. 


I have experience working with Crisis, Grief,  Work stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Body Image and Self-Esteem. In session we work on whatever you decide you want to work on. Remember this time is all about you. Together we highlight your strengths, underline your areas of improvement, and  establish goals that you wish to accomplish. I use many different therapy techniques including yoga and mindfulness as a part of a holistic approach to wellness. I may even give questions for you to think about or journal about in an effort to help you to use the techniques in your day to day life.

Recovery is person driven and you are the driver. I will meet you where you are no matter where that is in life. Together we will take the road of least resistance to arrive to your destination of a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life  safely. 

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